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Bossy? I’ll take it.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. I used to belt this out as a kid, hum it as an adolescent, but purged myself … Continue reading

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And the award goes to…

Was it me, or was this years’ Ad Bowl a bit lackluster? I had hoped that my rhythmic yawns throughout the game (stemming from general disinterest and the Broncos’ disgraceful … Continue reading

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All about the Ad Bowl, baby.

It’s been a while, but I’m back in full force and right on time.  While the rest of America is going  arguing over who will be the victor of the … Continue reading

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Karaoke Do or Dare

Karaoke: the  sing-along-experience and only sane thing to do when you and your most intimate group of friends have been infused with a  little (or enough) liquid courage to make you … Continue reading

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Tell Me Something (New).

Imagine you’re on a train and almost immediately after it’s departure, you feel a gradual brake until you’re at a complete standstill. Right on cue, the conductor’s booming voice comes … Continue reading

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Serenade in Your Pocket.

It’s an unwritten rule in my department:  thou shall not return from vacation without goodies to share. My coworker, who recently went away to Brazil (number 9 on my bucket … Continue reading

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Passin’ on the Cussin’.

I’ve never considered myself to be a true millennial: I value organic Face Time, I prefer the touch-and-feel of print publications, I don’t own a smart phone (although I have … Continue reading

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Some PSL Lovin’

I guess it’s official: fall is on our heels. While the passing of Labor Day did send a few red flags my way, the true culprit in jolting me to … Continue reading

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The Opportunist

The branding opportunist never lets a timely moment slip through their fingers. Here is a case-and-point: Nike promotes this featured photo as inspiration on its’ Facebook page moments after the … Continue reading

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